Portfolio Investments


A powerful data platform founded in the UK; aggregating data from multiple sources to map Crypto wallets to personal identities at scale.


XTEND, founded in Israel, delivers a revolutionary drone system, enabling highly effective human/ system integration.


Founded in the UK, Valarian's zero trust security solution delivers easily deployable data sovereignty, security and control over most sensitive digital assets.


Founded in Israel with offices in Singapore, Cydome provides a comprehensive Maritime Cyber Security and Operational Readiness Solution, offering ship-wide protection for both onshore and afloat assets.


Founded in the UK by a team from Blue Bear and Rolls Royce Electric, Greenjets incorporates cutting edge jet propulsion technology into ultra efficient, quiet and easily adoptable electric engines for drones and commercial aircraft.


Founded in the UK, Labrys' frontier technology delivers Corporate and Government users an agile command and control platform to securely visualise, track, communicate, task and pay their globally distributed network of people and teams.

BiFrost AI

Founded in Singapore with global operations, BiFrost delivers a powerful Generative AI tool that allows users to build high-fidelity 3D worlds and synthetic data sets, to enhance AI, simulation and robotics development across multiple sectors.

Hefring Marine

Founded in Iceland, Hefring's Intelligent Marine Assistance System delivers an on board and on shore AI tool to fleets of vessels- saving fuel, reducing carbon emissions and improving safety with real time boat operations guidance, monitoring and reporting.

Materials Nexus

Founded in the UK from Cambridge University, Materials Nexus combines quantum mechanics with the power of artificial intelligence to accurately predict the properties of materials- enabling faster and more effective materials design.


Founded in the UK, SatVu captures high quality thermal imagery and data which can be used to provide valuable insights for Industrial, Climate and Intelligence use cases.

Lab 1

Founded in the UK, Lab 1's powerful AI Platform collects and analyzes all exposed data providing clients with a single view of all data risk across their supply chain.